If you want a business or brand to thrive into the next decade, you must appeal to generation z. Generation Z encompasses the population that is born between 1995-2015, and reports show that this demographic will influence over $140 billion in consumer goods just in the US. Since social media is such a prevalent aspect of the world that Gen Z’ers have been raised in, it makes sense to use this in a marketing sense for your own campaigns and promotions.

According to industry insiders, there are three trends to pay attention to when trying to gain the younger, Gen Z consumer audience:

  • Diversity. Recent marketing surveys indicate that more than 70% of Gen Z’ers want to see more diversity in the advertising that they see. An embrace and acceptance of all lifestyles and a shift in traditional attitudes is something that this next generation looks for when considering which products to buy or vendors to hire. Creating social media posts, content, and pages the demonstrate diversity is a good place to begin when targeting Generation Z buyers.
  • Sense of community. Another value held by Generation Z consumers is the desire for a sense of community. The connections and networks that social media providers are very appealing to this demographic, as demonstrated in the groups, pages, and sites visited. It is estimated that there are over 10 million groups on Facebook and an estimated one-and-a-half billion users monthly. Use social media to create brand and business groups that appeal to younger consumers, if you want to connect with Generation Z in this way.
  • Stewardship. Generation Z are typically motivated by stewardship and the desire to benefit the greater good, whether this manifests in veganism or recycling, doing something for mankind through the production, marketing, and selling of your product is the best way to reach the Generation Z buyer.

Implement these three factors into your social media platforms, posts, and marketing to attract the attention- and loyalty- of your Gen Z buyers. Talk to digital marketing professionals to learn more or initiate a thorough and comprehensive marketing plan.