With a little overview of the mechanics, just about anyone can potentially be asked to take care of their company’s Instagram channel. This social network is popular because it lets businesses share photos of their products and services, engage directly with consumers, and build loyalty with each post.

There are newer tools, like Sprout Social, that allow one person to easily post to different accounts without having to log in and out each time.

This feature is useful for businesses with different brands, different target audiences for different products and different “voices” for each, such as what words you use, how you greet customers and how you persuade them to buy or request more info.

You might also want to consider sending different types of messages to different geographic areas. If you do business around the U.S., you might find different needs and wants in different parts of the country.

Your audience will likely appreciate this segmenting since Instagram users are known to be fairly choosy in what pages/accounts they follow. If a company offers multiple pages, users are likely to choose the one from the niche product or service they most identify with rather than following every account.

If your role is to be part of the Instagram accounts team, some strategies you can focus on include:

  • Creating audience profiles. Come up with your ideal person for each page and try to make sure your language and tone appeals to him or her the most. Where do they live? What do they do for fun? Why are they interested in what you offer?
  • Set page goals. Multiple pages mean multiple opportunities to experiment and learn what works well and what doesn’t work as well. This can include what types of pictures get better traffic, what messages and what calls to action lead to more orders.
  • Make unique hashtags. Each page can also be associated with a different hashtag, which can describe what the page is all about. If you have a general business page this could also appear there too.

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