The rebirth of the modern web was probably jumpstarted by the importance of link-building. Granted, it has always been of seminal importance in web-promotion endeavors, but with the explosion of ranking methods, link building still takes center-stage. Google has had numerous algorithm updates since the early days of the web; the overall effect of these updates has been to prioritize good links and relegate bad links to the dustbin of history.

The Road to Good Link Building

In the following, we’ll cover best practices for the type of link building that can actually lead to success. The virtual death of content farms is proof that quantity over quality will no longer be tolerated by the search ranking algorithm, so you have to make sure you can compete.

1. Quality Over Quantity

This is actually the most straightforward of the impending methods: produce good content, so that you will be recognized as an authority. Ultimately, Google wants you to produce good content for human readers, which means the content must be of utility. Adding reports and well-searched conclusions goes a long way in encouraging others to link to you – especially quality content.

2. Optimize Your Landing Pages

This entails including title tags, metadata, header tags, menus. Basically, all of this is covered by on-site optimization – which is an often neglected aspect of overall SEO and link building. You want your site to be well-organized so that readers can navigate it easily, and search engine robots can crawl it easily. This also covers page speed and alt text in images; as well as an optimized internal link architecture.

3. Look at Your Competition

If you’re having trouble starting your link building endeavors, then the easiest thing to do is to look at the links that your competition has acquired! Additionally, are any high-value publications linking to their site; if so, where? This will give you a great idea of the level of content required.

4. Keyword Research and Organization

There are free tools available for the above; make sure to use them. Google Webmaster Tools is decidedly excellent even for bigger companies – although, at that point, some of the paid options are worth the ROI with the extra features they provide. Ultimately, realize that there’s a way to show yourself approved with modern era link-building – just follow these best practices to see your website flourish.