Word of mouth is the most successful form of marketing available. It provides companies with an invaluable brand and product awareness. With so much time and money being spent on social media, the use of influencers allows companies to take ‘word of mouth’ to the next level without necessarily having to spend big bucks for celebrity endorsements. Influencers allow businesses to share their products and services with their followers which gives them access to potential clients and customers through a trustworthy source.

While these relationships can be extremely helpful and profitable, it still takes quite a bit of effort to ensure that you connect with the right influencer for your business. When done correctly, this new partnership could benefit both of you for years to come.

The search starts with knowing who you’re trying to influence: your target audience. You want to find out who they are, who they follow, where it is that they consume information whether it’s reviews, products suggestions or other platforms. You want to research their interests and see not just what they find important but who they trust to deliver that information to them.

After you research your target audience, you can start looking for potential influencers to partner with. There are several apps that help you look narrow down and find influencers so you want to make sure you use the right one. 

is specifically for influencers on Twitter, whereas TrendSpottr is specifically optimized for Instagram. Hootsuite allows you to look at influencers, measure their reach and monitor their relevant conversations. Buzzsumo allows you to look at and export influencer data ranging from followers to reach and even interactions. Some apps require a monthly subscription or a one time fee, others may be free so be diligent in researching which app best provides what you need for your business.

Although a lot of business is now done online and through social media, having real, authentic, relationships are what builds trust between companies and customers and trust is what sells products.