Boost your business or brand with social media, specifically, with Instagram. Instagram is hot right now with an estimated one-billion regular monthly users. Use the following tips to get the most from your Instagram exposure.

Interact and Engage

Take the time and make the effort to engage and interact with your followers. If a customer or follower comments on a post, make sure to respond. This engagement can make a difference and gain you a loyal customer or client.  

Test the Waters

Try to test the waters by sending your contacts and followers promotions and emails, but don’t overwhelm or let it seem like spam. If followers feel like you are posting too much and becoming too invasive, they may unfollow you; stay relevant with regular posts but don’t bombard your friends and followers. It is a balancing act that a digital marketing professional can help with.

Use Free Tools

Make the most of the free tools that Instagram provides to users, including links to connect, call, or text you from your Instagram page. This makes it easy for clients to reach out to you, via whatever means or method they are the most comfortable with.

Start a Hashtag

Create a hashtag for customers or clients to post pictures, which engages those that use or buy your product while also providing free word-of-mouth marketing. This could start a network of testimonials that may entice others to try your item, product, or brand, for themselves.

Use Other Social Media Platforms

Refer visitors and followers to your other social media pages via your posts. Also, invite viewers to follow you on Instagram, too. Create a network for your followers and clientele.

Keep Content Fresh

Keep your content fresh and relevant; give followers and customers a reason to check out your page. Use high-quality photos and images on your pages and profiles. Can’t find relevant content? Borrow some from other sites and pages, but make sure to give the original source credit and tag them in the post/caption.

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