With so many businesses advertising on social media, you need a smart strategy to stand out from the noise and make conversions. Follow these seven tips to create Facebook ads that work.

1. Choose Bright, Eye-Catching Images

You want your ad to be able to stop a customer who’s scrolling down their feed. Feature bright colors (but avoid too much blue and white so you stand out from Facebook’s background). If your image includes people, they should be smiling. Including a cute or funny photo (e.g. of pets) is often successful as well.

2. Offer a Clear Value Proposition

Readers will move on quickly if they’re not able to tell what you’re offering at a glance. Make your call to action clear and appealing, featuring phrases like “Free trial” or “Win a gift card” or a valuable piece of information related to your product or service.

3. Write Longer Copy

While your value proposition should be easily visible, short, and sweet, feel free to go longer with the rest of your content. If you can write long copy that still manages to be high-quality and interesting, you’ll earn more customer attention.

4. Use Lead Ads to Ask Questions

You can understand your customers and their needs better by giving them a voice with lead forms. You should ask at least five questions to get the best “bang for your buck.” Carefully consider what questions will be most valuable to your business. 

5. Monitor Where Your Ads Are Being Placed

If you use the “automatic placement” setting for your ads, you might end up in the side columns or another less lucrative placement. Look at your Reporting column to see where your budget is being spent.

6. Conduct Split-Tests

If you have multiple ideas and aren’t sure what would work better, test it! Create two Facebook ads and run each for a set period of time (one after the other). Then, compare your metrics for each ad to judge which strategy was more successful. 

7. Build a Messenger Subscriber List

You can engage with customers directly by using Facebook Messenger wisely—using a mix of automated marketing messages, chatbots, and humans to monitor your inbox and engage in conversations. Use message ads to turn your Facebook fans into Messenger contacts.

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